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Climaveneta Middle East

Climaveneta Middle East is headquartered in Dubai and is responsible for the UAE, as well as the Gulf area. It operates as a business unit and coordinates an extensive network of distributing partners, dealers and service centres in order to ensure appropriate market coverage and customer support.

Energy efficiency and high outdoor air temperature are the true challenges of the Middle East air-conditioning systems.

The harsh climate conditions typical of Middle East areas make energy efficiency and extended operating limits even more crucial factors compared to usual conditions.

Graph 1 shows that the yearly average external air temperature in a typical UAE city is 27°C. Moreover, (graph 2), for six months a year the temperature is above 35°C for 30% of the time. Considering that air-conditioning is needed starting from an external air temperature around 20°C, or even at lower temperatures in many applications such as shopping centres and glass facades buildings, the system runs for over 80% of the year as highlighted in Graph 3.

With yearly operation time of 7.000 hours, in case of a 700 kWh installation, an EER increase by 5% would mean over 80.000kW/h saved over the whole year. Hence, in these conditions even the slightest increase in efficiency dramatically contributes to reduce the running costs and to shorten the payback of the system.
Especially at latitudes where the air conditioning systems operate all the year round, even the slightest improvement in efficiency can deliver large energy savings, reduced running costs and a much faster return on investments to the system and the whole building as well.
That’s why it makes sense to have a direct local presence in this area, achieved through a  subisidiary with shared objectives and a strong market recognition.

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