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New generation of RC branded air-cooled chillers


FR2-Z is the new generation of RC branded air-cooled chillers with screw compressors designed to provide the most efficient, silent, and compact cooling solution on the market. The entire series is Eurovent certified and all sizes exceed the efficiency thresholds set by the new EcoDesign Directive. With a wide range of versions and options, the FR2-Z is fully customizable to perfectly adapt to the cooling applications and operating conditions of the most demanding data centers.

In line with the objective of the F-gas and the Kigali Amendment , the new FR2-Z range meets all sustainability needs. It consists of three series: FR2-G01-Z with R134a refrigerant (322-1838 kW), FR2-G05-Z with the new green R513A refrigerant with reduced GWP (322-1838 kW), and FR2-G04-Z with the use of R1234ze refrigerant with a negligible GWP and rapid disintegration of molecules into the atmosphere (252 -1572 kW).

FR2Z: the new range
New generation of RC branded air-cooled chillers
FR2Z: Technological Choices
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